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Welcome to Crystal Computer – Crystal Computer, A cluster of young and best of the breed IT professionals form contemporary market striving for IT thrive in Pakistan. We are specialist and well abreast with modern ICT technologies and trends, ready to serve you from grass root level with design, delivery, and deployment and diligent after sale support. We are carrying mix of world lea ding brands with enough variety for your diversified IT needs that can serve you in years to come. Always agile, vigilant and on the toes to serve our customer ensuring a value proposition for all our stakeholders; i.e. Customers, partners, employees, or investors.

Crystal Computer is a reliable IT solution provider company. It is one-stop resource for all your IT products and services. It is a company that becomes complete IT solution provider for your business. CRYSTAL COMPUTER offers all kind of IT products, services, support and guidance for so many aspects of your business. Where we see needs, we provide help. We do IT right.

Our Business Domain

We are proud to serve our customer for designing, delivering, deploying and diligently supporting our following solutions

Systems & software.


Data Centers.